Novel dinosaur play sets are quite difficult to source these days. There are a number of dinosaur themed play sets available, but one that has proved particularly popular with young dinosaur fans is the dinosaur head which has a screw-lid in the base that once undone reveals a set of twelve prehistoric animal models inside. There are two dinosaur head play sets available, one featuring a T. rex and the other the head of a plant-eating dinosaur a Triceratops.

The plastic heads stand about twenty centimetres high and feature a dinosaur roaring, inside there are twelve different prehistoric animal models to discover. The T. rex head and the Triceratops both feature the same assortment of prehistoric animals. In the sets we examined, we found that each set of models included a Tyrannosaurus rex and a Triceratops dinosaur model. The other ten models consisted of two long-necked, sauropod dinosaurs, a Brachiosaurus and a diplodocid dinosaur. It is rare to find long-necked dinosaurs in a model set, manufacturers seem to shy away from making small models of these types of dinosaurs, but in this set the models are well-crafted and bound to please young dinosaur fans.